The Dance Space is proud to host a number of independent professional Ballroom Dance instructors.  These instructors are available to meet any need that you may have for private dance instruction including wedding preparation, general social dancing, learning a particular dance you are interested in or even high-level competitive dance coaching.   Instruction is available for both the American Social and International styles of Ballroom Dance as well as a variety of Latin dances.

Private instruction allows the instructor to focus on just you or just you and your partner.  A private lesson can also include several couples.  Because of the directed attention, you will find that you will learn ballroom faster and retain more from a private lesson than from a group class.  Lessons can range from $50 to $100 depending on length of the lesson, the number of people involved and the level of material covered.

If you are interested in private dance instruction, please call The Dance Space at 804-673-3326, or send an e-mail to

The current list of dance instructors at The Dance Space are:
Christine Drury
John Ennis & Ruth Brown
Catherine Farmer
Ian Gillett
Pete Godfrey
Ruth Graninger
Phyllis Harris
Bill Irwin
Ron Marchal
Gabor Seres
Katia Singletary
Michael Strahan
Dmitry Sviridov
Elizabeth Tarodi
Clara Toro
Erica Vess & Ryan Lemar
Maria Vysotskaya
The Dance Space
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Private Lessons